Christmas Stories

An experimental audio-visual performance. Wise Kant and the values set in stone, the meeting of the Nutcracker and Marie, the dance of the Mouse King's entourage, a Christmas express to Neverland and many more!
From December 19 to 25, you can see The Experimental Audio-Visual Performance at the Königsberg Cathedral. This is a cultural event for all ages — a play based on four Christmas novellas. The creators were inspired by the themes, which are close to the hearts of locals: The Nutcracker, The Golden Pot by E. T. A. Hoffmann (a famous Königsberg native), contemplation about the eternities, and the essence of the holiday spirit.
The story is narrated by Immanuel Kant, the keeper of the island, and the philosopher who came to life. He speaks eternal truths about love that overcomes evil witchcraft, about kindness that heals hearts, about courage and loyalty.

The project brings together different art forms, adds a cultural aspect to the holiday season and allows the audience to expand their horizons in terms of theatre for a very affordable price.
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